Rio Azul

Rio Azul

Kurt Casey

Feb 6, 2008

The Azul is a nice class 2-3 run to do in the Futaleufu area. Access is relatively easy for put in and take out. The run is best done with water in early season (November/December) or after a heavy
rain. Local rafting outfits often take their clients on Ducky trips of the river and several local kayak schools use the river as a training ground. The river name means blue which is a good description. Large glaciated peaks at the headwaters provide a turquoise-clear yet extremely cold source of pristine water.

Eva Luna Ramirez and Pamela Yolito on Azul foto by Andres Bozzolo

The river is a tributary of the Futaleufu and enters the Futa at the Inferno Canyon section takeout as well as the common Terminator section put in.

The Azul is a relatively short 6 km run with pool drop rapids and some play on lower stretch. To reach the put in from Futaleufu go down main road towards Chaiten for approximately 25 km until you cross over Puente Azul. From here there is a view of the river and if it looks good to go it will be. Continue down the main road for another 1 km and you will come to an obscure turn off to the right. The road is distinguished by the enormous vertical logs that form the fence on both sides of the road. Travel the road for several kilometers passing thru several gates. The put in is at the Pasarela (swinging bridge)

Put in
View from Put in bridge foto Andres Bazzolo

The takeout is found in vehicle by returning to main road and re-crossing the bridge. On the other side (upstream Futa side) take first neighborhood road to the right and follow it almost to the end. Here the road will be close to the Azul and it is easy for boaters to get out and find the vehicle.

A popular alternative is to use the Azul to jump start a trip on the Terminator section of the Futaleufu. If this option is chosen the takeout would be the Pasarela on the Futa which is approximately 13 km downstream.