Rio Chalquilvin

Rio Chalquilvin

Kurt Casey

Oct 22, 2009

Very similar in character to the nearby Río Ralco, the Chalquilvin is the Lomín’s other major tributary. Its sustained gradient creates many boat-scoutable, pool-drop rapids in a tight, shallow gorge. Unfortunately, when the bridge collapsed over the Lomín, easy access to the Chaquilvin was lost. Now only die-hard boat hikers or horses make the journey to the put-in. If you make the effort, you will be rewarded with an excellent class IV run in a beautiful setting.
Refer to the Ralco description to find the take-out elevation 670 meters. From the collapsed bridge now serving as a ferry crossing, walk or hire horses to carry your boat 11 km upstream to an unnamed bridge that crosses the Chalquilvin at 870 meters elevation

This class IV•IV+ run has average gradient of 18 mpk or 96 FPM and best run in spring with flows of 250 to 500 CFS

Topo maps are Curacautín • Lolco

Nearby Rivers include Ralco, Queuco. Lower Bio Bio, Laja, and Nuble