Rio Resbalón

Rio Resbalón

Kurt Casey

Oct 24, 2009

After tumbling through a foggy, verdant canyon upstream, the Resbalón meanders into Bahia Murta, the northwest arm of Lago Bertrand. Because of its lush vegetation and sheer walls, bailouts are virtually impossible. More than a few inconveniently placed logs require caution. Even though the canyon is tight, there is sufficient room to scout and portage. If the riverbed looks scratchy at the bridge, the level is about right for the action upstream. Its pristine beauty and quality whitewater make the Resbalón an excellent candidate for wild and scenic river protection.
From Villa Cerro Castillo, 139 km south of Coihaique, drive 95 km southwest to Bahia Murta. The trailhead to hike up the south side of the river begins about a km from Puente Resbalón towards Bahia Murta. From the trailhead, walk for 4 hours on a high trail that eventually winds down to river level at elevation 350 meters. Take out at Puente Resbalón 245 meters.

This 4 km, class V run is best done at spring/summer flows of 500 CFS. Expect one or more portages with average gradient of 26 mpk or 140 FPM.

Topo map titled Bahía Murta, Tres Arroyos